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Persimmony solutions empower outreach professionals with secure technology
and effective processes so that they can focus on providing
care and services to the community.

Persimmony TimeStudy

Provides real-time paperless timekeeping for any and all time studies — such as Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) — through an accessible and robust web-based tool. Use our elegant and user-friendly platform to track, store and report on employee time spent performing reimbursable activities, ensuring you get all reimbursements owed to you.

Accurate Time Tracking

Allows outreach personnel to easily track hours spent towards program activities.

Powerful & Robust Reporting

Hassle-free report generation to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Streamlined Approval Process

An efficient approval process for management, built directly into the platform.

Dedicated Customer Support

Multi-lingual customer support for optimal end-user experience.

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Persimmony Suite

Persimmony’s cloud-based software suite was designed in collaboration with public health nurses to fully address user needs. It offers CaseManagement, TimeStudy, Contract Management, QRIS, Intake/Client Portals, a wide variety of communications tools and 700+ customizable forms and reports — all of which are accessible through a unified, single sign-on interface.

Holistic Data Collection

Easily collect qualitative and quantitative data including demographics, assessments, and authorizations.

Easy-to-Learn System

A universally compatible and intuitive system that allows for quick on-boarding and ease of use.

Make an Impact

Track, report, and deliver against outcome-based data to meet strategic and operational goals.

Multi-Program Support

Our Suite can service multiple programs in one community.

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Persimmony CaseManagement

With Targeted Case Management (TCM) and funding source requirements directly built in, our CaseManagement software helps ensure your organization benefits from 100% audit compliance and receives maximum reimbursement.

Powerful & Feature-Rich

Perform in-depth client care management across a broad spectrum of programs.

Automated Workflow

Significantly improves work processes and record keeping through automated alerts, reminders, and customizable workflows.

Unbeatable Data Richness

Comprehensive assessments, case monitoring, follow-ups, referrals, time study reporting and more.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Fueled by cloud technology with advanced security features for data security, integrity, and compliance.

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