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Persimmony’s Time Study Module Helps Santa Clara First 5 More Than Double Their MAA Compliance Rate

We recently integrated our Time Study module into Persimmony Suite, streamlining user experience and enabling Santa Clara First 5 users to drastically increase their data entry compliance.

In the first four months using Time Study in Suite, Santa Clara First 5 employee compliance grew by 52% and supervisor compliance grew by 136%.

As a result, staff enter data efficiently, on-schedule, and in compliance with MAA standards to achieve maximum reimbursements.

Prior to Using Time Study in Persimmony Suite

Time Study compliance was low, and submittal was often late.

Supervisors lacked the ability to easily identify where holes were or provide feedback.

Reimbursement was not maximized, and money was left on the table.

Access to Time Study is seamless, with no need to log in to separate applications.

Reminders — notifications and alerts — are clearly communicated to users and supervisors about outstanding timesheet information.

Streamlined report generation from within the application simplifies administrator-level work and reimbursement submittal.

Enhanced logic built into the software enforces MAA reimbursement rules, leading to easier processing and less stress on staff.

About Persimmony Software

Since 2002, Persimmony Software has been trusted by government agencies, non-profits and private agencies to increase their client impact by tapping into additional sources of revenue without putting added pressure on staff.

Persimmony offers one trusted software suite to manage
Case and Client Management, Time Study, Closed-Loop Referrals, Fiscal, Grants and Contract Performance.

Persimmony currently serves counties covering over 74% of the population of California and is being used in over 40 programs such as Behavioral Health, First 5 Grants Management, IMPACT, Healthcare for the Homeless, Healthy Families America, Housing, CalWORKS HVI, Probation, Oral Health, and Tuberculosis.