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Persimmony empowers outreach personnel with the technology needed to provide quality services in the communities they serve.  Convenient, robust, and powerful software for the betterment of the public good.

Time Study First Five Case Management

Persimmony TimeStudy

Provides real-time paperless timekeeping support for an unlimited number of time studies, such as Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA), via an easy to access and robust web-based tool. Allows organizations to track, store and report on employee time spent delivering reimbursable activities while providing an elegant and seamless user experience.

Accurate Time Tracking

Empower outreach personnel to easily track hours spent towards your program activities.

Streamlined Approval Process

Powerful built-in approval process for personnel and billing management and oversight.

Powerful & Robust Reporting

Robust reporting ability to ensure maximum reimbursement.

Dedicated Customer Support

Multi-lingual customer support for optimal end-user experience.


Persimmony FirstFive

Empowers applicable organizations & non-profits to increase their positive influence in early childhood development.  With Persimmony's First5 product, funded programs are intuitively administered, while allowing organizations to draw analytics and insights from a rich pool of underlying data points.

Holistic Data Collection

Allows for collection of qualitative and quantitative data, including: demographics, assessments, and authorizations.

Built for Impact

Easily track, report, and deliver against outcome based data to meet strategic and operational goals.

Elegance & Ease of Use

Device agnostic with an intuitive and powerful workflow to allow for quick on-boarding and use by outreach personnel.

Robust Program Support

Supports a vast array of First5 funded programs to ensure maximum impact is delivered and maximum reimbursement captured.


Persimmony Case Management

Combines accuracy and efficiency to empower your organization to transform lives across a growing list of health & human services programs. With Targeted Case Management (TCM) and funding source requirements built in, Persimmony helps ensure your organization benefits from 100% audit compliance and provides a means of easing the burden on your general funds.

Powerful & Feature-rich

Enables outreach personnel with vital features needed to perform in-depth client care management across a broad spectrum of your programs.

Next-Level Data Richness

Comprehensive assessments, case monitoring, follow-ups, referrals, time study reporting and more; all wrapped into an elegant user experience.

Automated Workflow

Significantly improves case management work processes and record keeping via automated alerts, reminders, and customizable workflows.

Cutting Edge Technology

Powered and fueled by cloud technology and advanced security features for data security, integrity, and compliance.

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