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We're proudly equipping organizations with the tools & technology needed to make a lasting difference.

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Continuously Exceeding Needs

Since 2002, Persimmony has revolutionized software for the public good. Trusted and endorsed by a diverse growing customer base, Persimmony's products are at the forefront of helping organizations trailblaze the path to providing more quality and efficient care.

why customers love persimmony:
  • Efficient, robust & adaptable suite of products
  • Stringent compliance & security
  • Unprecedented speed of implementation
  • A track record of 100% audit compliance
  • We put our customers needs first

Who We Are:

Customer Centric

We put customer experience at the core of our objectives and partnerships from system design through ongoing use.


We created a paradigm breaking technology to serve and delight customers who leverage our products.


We combine legacy and customized documentation to bring depth of knowledge and technical expertise to every case management engagement.


We are responsive and agile.  Our technology can be strategically and effectively used to create an adaptive experience for every application.


With powerful features unique to Persimmony's products, such as embedded Targeted Case Management (TCM), our products stand out in the case management marketplace.


On-time & on-budget.  We have a proven track record of exceeding our customers' expectations.

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