Persimmony is responsible for all application hosting tasks and is accountable for all associated costs; none of this burden is passed on to any of our clients. Our hosting environment includes:


Persimmony is an Internet native fully relational database application developed with Microsoft SQL 2008. We provide this structure to all our clients because it simplifies and facilitates custom reports or queries and provides numerous technical advancements related to underlying application performance and efficiency of revisions.

Persimmony’s database programmers are able to make changes to the underlying architecture of the database in a rapid and controlled manner since it uses highly efficient and centralized programming logic.

Because we develop database systems that collect confidential data, we develop and deploy secure hosted environments with data repositories that are accessed through the Internet. We use the same level of security used by most financial institutions, medical data centers and government agencies handling critical and sensitive data transmissions.

Persimmony does not store data locally and/or batch data on a desktop or laptop computer thereby eliminating the risk of data theft. We have all heard the stories about how the Veteran’s Administration lost a laptop computer and hundreds of thousands of veterans were exposed to possible identify theft. This can never occur with Persimmony.


Whereas encryption impacts the transmission of data across the Internet, the firewall controls access to certain Internet addresses. The firewall stands between Persimmony’s hosting environment, where its application servers reside, and the Internet to regulate traffic between the two. The firewall screens all incoming network traffic, including the sender’s address and the services being requested, to allow only requests from legitimate sources to be forwarded to the software application and user data. Persimmony’s hosting environment uses the most robust firewall solution in the form of dedicated hardware firewalls whose sole purpose is to screen incoming traffic and prevent unauthorized access. This type of firewall solution is widely used by companies who require the most robust level of protection for their users’ data.


Persimmony maintains all of our clients' databases and application servers and have an effective operational uptime of 99.9 percent, due to our implementation of redundant servers. All Persimmony users can access the Persimmony Web-based interface, whether using a PC or Macintosh, guaranteeing the most up-to-date data 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


When working with a new organization, we customize a Persimmony demo database site based on the unique specifications and needs for that client. This test environment is what we use to validate and configure as well as test import data – until the Client is satisfied. The online demo site is just as robust and interactive as a LIVE Persimmony application, allowing us to train users in advance of switching over to the LIVE site once the final import of data has been completed.

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