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Why Persimmony?

What if you could discover new revenue sources for activities your staff is likely already performing. What new programs could you fund, how many more services could you offer to the county residents you serve?

Persimmony has developed a comprehensive web-based time study software program that allows for precise time study data collection. This helps organizations, agencies, and government entities better track how their staff spends their time. Once organizations have the pertinent information they need from time study, they have the key to unlocking significant Federal Financial Participation (FFP) reimbursements under such programs as Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA), Medi-Caid Administrative Activities (MAC), Targeted Case Management (TCM), along with the ability to track departmental goals toward applicable state-specific programs and grants.

Embedded with Targeted Case Management, Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) and Federal Financial Participation (FFP) methodologies from the first line of code.

Our team of consultants, bringing decades of field experience, serve as extended members of your team.

Robust user collaborative community meets quarterly, sharing best practices and guiding us to our next innovations by way of their feedback.

Persimmony Solutions

Persimmony time study software, designed specifically for and in conjunction with state and county social good programs, First5/ Help Me Grow organizations, and non-profits, will give you a more accurate accounting of tracked hours and FFP qualifying services as well, driving higher reimbursements. Having true visibility into your department’s daily activities will serve to streamline workflows, improve productivity and maximize FFP revenue recapture potentials. Because of the expertise, we bring to this field, we’ve achieved 100% compliance to audit with each one of our clients.

In addition to Persimmony’s time study software, we also supply case management software for social work, human services, along with tools for First5 commission, Help Me Grow initiatives, and non-profits – including contract management, fiscal reporting, communication tools, and contactless intake portals.

Highly customizable & responsive technology solutions for constantly evolving requirements.

Persimmony grows with you. Our suite of products is highly customizable to be leveraged for various public sector and non-profit organizational needs. In the diverse environment dedicated to the public good, Persimmony’s technology solutions can be tailored to deliver impactful results across a multitude of applications.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Persimmony's FirstFive application is not only user friendly but has been essential in the way our organization tracks and manages data.”

First 5 Program TeamSan Bernardino County

“Persimmony’s TimeStudy product is very user friendly for our staff and supervisors. It provides clarity, efficiency, and a centralized location from where all the data we need can be found in one place at a click.”

Veronica M. CarterSr. Contract Compliance Officer, LA County

“Billing has become so much easier and so much more streamlined with the Persimmony Case Management product.”

Sue GuestProgram Manager, Contra Costa County

Learn how Persimmony is enabling global organizations to be at the forefront of fighting TB.

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About Us

Since 2002, Persimmony has revolutionized software for the public good. Trusted and endorsed by a diverse growing customer base, Persimmony’s products are at the forefront of helping organizations trailblaze the path to providing more quality and efficient care.

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